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About us

Nantong Ecotherm Insulations Co., Ltd ( Referred to “Ecotherm”), started in 2018, is located in a coastal city Rugao, Nantong,covering an area of 15,000m². As a high-tech corporate, Ecotherm is committed to research, production and sales in high temperature microporous board and low temperature nano-porous panel. Nantong Vactherm Insulations Co., Ltd (Referred to “Vactherm”), Ecotherm’s affiliated company, is committed to research, production and sales of vacuum insulation panels, vaccine transportation boxes, outdoor cool boxes and so on.

Focused on people-oriented and integrity, Ecotherm has built a number of highly qualified technical talents team collaborating with well-known universities and research institutions. Ecotherm microporous boards are leading the industry by high technology, superior materials and perfect performance.

Ecotherm attaches importance to production safety and environmental protection and is committed to establishing the awareness of eco-friendly social responsibility. On the basis of that, Ecotherm is building long-term win-win cooperation with clients to jointly achieve the goal “energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection” and devoted to “emission peak, carbon neutrality”.

Enterprise Development History

 2022                  Launch vacuum sealing lines

                           Obtain 19 patents


                           Double sales than 2020

                           GetISO9001 certification

 2021                  Expand capacity to1000m3/M

                           Join Council member of CIEEIMA

                           Get High-tech enterprise certification


                            Quadruple sales

 2020                   Succeed High-tech enterprise

                            Obtain 13 patents


 2019                   launch K1000-pro on the market

                            Set up branch in Japan and Korea


                            Ecotherm established

 2018                   Build cooperation with NUAA

                            Set up R&D center in Japan