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Ecotherm Insulations Holding a Marketing presentation PPT Exercise Friendship Competition

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In order to cultivate the individual combat ability of the ecotherm New Materials Marketing Center and strengthen team communication, a PPT exercise friendly competition for the marketing center was held at 9:30 am on August 30, 2022. Li Xing, General Manager of Fumei New Materials, and leaders of various departments of the company were invited to serve as judges for this PPT speech competition. The judges rated the speech from four dimensions: content (40 points), PPT production technology (20 points), speech skills (20 points), comprehensive impression, and speech effectiveness (20 points).

Each contestant takes different segmented markets as the entry point, delves deeply into their respective segmented fields, and starts an exceptionally exciting and diverse competition with vivid examples.

After the competition, the judges commented one by one on the exciting moments and existing problems of the contestants in the competition, encouraging them to strengthen professional training, cultivate their comprehensive abilities, and not miss any details to improve through practice.

After intense competition, contestant Wang Xiu from the Ministry of Foreign Trade won the championship of this competition, and General Manager Fumei presented Wang Xiu with a commemorative award.